Working Moms

Erica YitzhakThe phrase “it takes a village to raise a child,” is no less true now than it was decades ago. Raising a family can be equal parts challenging and fulfilling, but where do you turn when the village is empty? Working mothers have to make due with an additional obstacle, though. Raising a family and pursuing a career; two jobs, one without compensation. But is there an unseen benefit that being a working mother can bring to the table? A recent Harvard study seems to think so.

Studies at Harvard Business school have uncovered an interesting trend between mothers who work, and their children. Surprisingly, daughters of working mothers are more likely to earn supervisor roles at their jobs. Additionally, they earn 6% more than the daughters of mothers who stayed home. Sons of working mothers spent an additional hour a week caring for members of the household, and 17 minutes more on chores. Coupled with a study conducted in 2010, children with working mothers displayed no worse academic or behavioral problems than kids with stay-at-home parents.

While never easy to leave your children at home, parents that work encourage children to instinctively rely on themselves for care, and teach them the importance of responsibility and timeliness. With the majority of American mothers working, this research conclusively shows not only a lack of detriment, but a hidden benefit to being a working mother. Demonstrating a positive outlook with hard work, determination and dedication instills an attitude in children that will follow them into their professional lives.

It’s never easy to leave your kids. Spending time at work can feel like a wedge, driving you apart from your children, and siphoning away what little time there is before they’re all grown up. Remember, you’re not robbing them of a mother, but reinforcing qualities that will last a lifetime. Be fearless in the pursuit of your families happiness. Someday, they will thank you for showing them what it means to put aside personal feelings, and do what needs to be done for the people you love.