The Not So Super Nanny Review

Erica Yitzhak Knows how hard it is to find good help

Erica Yitzhak Knows how hard it is to find good help

While scouring the internet looking for “Nanny Nightmare” stories I was able to stumble upon an article written by Katie Wallace entitled “The Not So Super Nannies” and her experience on trying to find the right nanny to fit in with her family to take care of her newborn child. She talks about how she “wanted Mary Poppins to float down from the sky and land on my doorstep” with an offer that she thought she couldn’t refuse, allowing her to return to the workforce much sooner than she had anticipated.

Katie tried to stay a step ahead in the game, by trying to get a plan in place while she was pregnant with her child in the summer. She realized that she was going to not be able to get her kid into the top day-care centers in Los Angeles, so she enlisted the help of her mother and three agencies to try to find the right nanny for her kids. During her two-week mad quest, she interviewed dozens of candidates before finally deciding to narrow her choice down to one nanny.

Preparing to offer the candidate the job, Katie asked her if there was anything she might like in the house as far as snacks are concerned. The candidate had something different in mind, giving her a full on grocery list that included  “Sanka coffee, white bread, frozen waffles, Lucky Charms, etc,” (Wallace, The Not-So-Super Nannies). But that isn’t all. The agency that put the candidate up informed Katie that the nanny has had a DUI in the previous months. They mentioned it because they do not screen potential clients until after they are about to be hired. In trying to cover their own skin, the agency claimed that the nanny was very “very forthcoming with us. She told us right from the start,” (Wallace, The Not-So-Super Nannies). If that was the verdict, why didn’t they inform her until after she was ready to hire her? Seems a little fishy to me.

Katie, understandably, was really peeved that the agency withheld this important information and didn’t bother to tell her about it. She makes a great point that it wasn’t like the incident happened when she was young and immature, but only happened a few months prior, and this was someone that she was going to trust to take care of her newborn son. She wrestled with this decision because it seemed like her son had already taken a liking to her, but Katie went with her gut instincts and decided to not hire her.