Tales of Negligent Caretakers

Erica Yitzhak Sad Child

Sad Child

While searching the web I have run into a slew of horror stories about nannies that will shock you. It’s always nerve-racking to leave your child in the care of someone else, but after these stories you will think twice about who you are letting raise and care for you child. These stories of law-breaking, abusive and negligent caretakers explain why it is a scary world out there. And these nannies were caught red handed in the act.

A North Carolina mother hired a nanny after her twins were prematurely born and not healthy enough to go into daycare. Upon hiring the nanny, Lindsay Addison installed a hidden nanny cam that was disguised as a clock to monitor her children while she was at work. But what she ended up seeing was disgusting. The hired nanny was seen loosely carrying the 7-month-olds under her arms, letting them dangle upside down. The nanny was fired immediately and was charged with two counts of child abuse. The said nanny eventually entered an Alford plea in court, which “does not admit guilt but acknowledges that there was enough evidence to convict her of the charges.”

In Jacksonville, Florida, parents of two toddlers decided to install a nanny cam in their after coming home and finding one of the two toddlers had a black eye. The nanny at the time said that she could not explain where the black eye had come from. The Jacksonville parents decided to fire their nanny of two years and later watched the tape from the nanny cam. What they saw was disturbing to say the least. The parents watched in horror as they saw the nanny picked up and slung their child into the playpen, was hit in the face with a ball, slapped, hit with a towel, swatted at and kicked. Luckily the child only receivedĀ a bruise and a split lip. The nanny was sentenced to 8 years in prison.