Why Shared Female Workspaces Are Building a Better Network

Erica Yitzhak Shared Workspace

Working from home offers a lot of freedom, but it can feel understandably isolating and distracting for people who thrive in collaborative work environments. The typical work environment offers a structure and a general hum of productivity than can be helpful for those even without the typical 9 to 5. That’s why co-working spaces were born.

These shared professional workspaces are a great way to connect businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and creative work teams in a collaborative environment. But for some women, the typical male-dominated, competitive workspaces with lots of brick and concrete aren’t an environment conducive to supporting their best work. For these women, the nearest Starbucks has historically been the default, but a more female-focused co-working space like Hera Hub might be a more attractive option.

Hera Hub, a shared workspace built specifically for female entrepreneurs, features a spa-like atmosphere: soft music, candles, fountains, nice lighting and a decidedly female clientele. Although the business remains open to men, the goal is to create an environment that is attractive to women and encourages female networking and collaboration.

Hera Hub, named after the Greek Goddess of women, offers a professional environment where professional women can work flexible hours, meet clients outside of a coffee shop, and access that sense of collaborative community that they crave. According to an internal Hera Hub survey, the members feel 60% more productive when they work in the shared workspace compared to working at home by themselves.

The business’ goal is to open 200 franchise locations, both in the US and abroad, in order to help more than 20,000 women launch their own businesses over the next five years. It’s about giving professional women a comfortable environment to achieve their goals and dreams in the business world. Hera Hub has already opened three locations in San Diego and is set to open its first in Washington, DC location next month.