6 Good Habits of Happy Working Mothers

Erica Yitzhak Lawyer

Being a mom and working a full-time job is extremely stressful. Not only is being a mother a full-time job on it’s own, it’s a life-time job. Many women today in our country face this dilemma and are taking it one day at a time in terms of making sure all is taken care of for their family.

Thanks to all the strong and dedicated mothers before us who have paved the way to make this process as smooth as possible. I’ve listed the techniques they’ve found to be most helpful for young, hardworking mothers:

1. Make sure to ask for help when you need it.
To be successful, you must ask for help when you need it. This is what a good community or a positive network means, and in the future you can help others too. People want to be able to help others, so do them a favor and let them help you when you need it most. Be sure to return the favor when you’ve caught up!

2. Try outsourcing.
TaskRabbit is an interesting concept where you can outsource your clerical or more mundane and tedious jobs to other people on the internet. This way you can free up some more time to be with your children, run errands, or cook dinner. Of course, if it is available to you, working mothers hire cleaning services and try to spend their weekends with family and friends to create a happier outlook.

3. Negotiation is key.
Negotiation is a skill all mothers should master. The power of negotiation mans you know your time and it is all out on the table for you to organize. Improving this skill to get what you want in terms of negotiating can save you years of frustration, stress, and discomfort.

4. Use your tech!
Wise mothers these days are caught up with technology and all the new services that are available to us through devices. From memo apps, delivery apps, laundry apps, there are so many things that you can expedite in your life. This technology was made for busy working mothers!
Take advantage of it.

5. Respect flexibility in yourself and others.
Being an extremely busy mother can unlock a deep compassion for those who are also very stressed and overbooked. Respect other employees and clients, as well as family and friends when they need flexibility. It’s a two way street when it comes to respect, you give some you get some back.

6. Make sure to call your girlfriends.
Your girlfriends are your rocks and they help you through everything, especially as a young working mother. Even a 10 minute call or a text conversation can help your happiness levels throughout the day. True girlfriends are a source of strength and inspiration in our lives.

Tips For New Mothers Working From Home

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(source: carofin.com)

Having a new baby is a tremendous joy and blessing, but it also means that you’ll have to make significant changes to your working schedule that will most likely take a lot of time to get used to.  That being said, once you feel comfortable enough and your new baby is settling in, it is a great time to start working from home so that you won’t feel so far behind on work.

A recent article published in Workingmother.com notes that, “Working from home with a new baby in the house means understanding that you need some child care, you’ll have to work around the baby’s schedule, and some days you are simply not going to get as much done as you like,” (Work-from-home Tips for New Moms).  The article goes on to give a few helpful tips about how new mothers can use their time wisely in order to get more accomplished in terms of their work load.

The first piece of advice is to get your baby into a good routine so that you can utilize the baby’s downtime appropriately.  Workingmother.com suggests to “Plan ahead and be prepared to work during your baby’s scheduled sleep time.  Save some shorter, less high-stakes tasks to attend during playtime, when she can be occupied nearby for limited periods,” (Work-from-home Tips for New Moms). Once you have a good routine for your baby, it will be easier to predict when you can work on certain projects. Of course, this routine will not always go as planned, so it’s important to take it day-by-day and do the best you can without exhausting yourself.  Because afterall, you’re a new mom and you deserve and need rest too.

That being said, Workingmother.com advises that new moms should sleep as often as they can, stating, “If you are exhausted, it will be hard to do quality work – and you’ll have a very difficult time enjoying new motherhood.  New moms need their rest and should be very careful to get plenty of it,” (Work-from-home Tips for New Moms).  The most important thing to focus on when you are a new mother is your own health.  Although not working may not be an option for you, some days may require you to take a day of rest, because in the long run you will be more productive if you’ve gotten an adequate amount of sleep.

To read more advice for working at home as a new mom, check out Workingmother.com’s article here.