The Working Mother: Labor After Labor

Being a mother is often considered the hardest job there is. The constant care, sleepless nights and physical strain would be enough to make any reconsider the stresses of their own work. But how do you juggle the full-time job of caring for your children and working for a living? This delicate balancing act is being performed by women all over the globe, and it’s not an easy one. While certain workplaces afford you the ability to manage your own schedule, far too many women are not as in control of their own workday. Leaving them to manage what little time they have with the family to the best of their ability. Here are some quick ways a modern mom can manage the madness of her day.
Take advantage of your technology. With so many mobile services running the gamut from grocery delivery to remote control laundry, whatever time you can save while on the move must be taken advantage of. With the advent of remotely operated appliances, you could start any number of chores on the way home to save a few extra minutes for your family.
If you don’t have full control over your schedule, practice negotiating. A mom on the move needs to find help wherever she can. Whether that be squeezing a few spare moments out of her work schedule, or finding friends to help watch the family while at work, a positive negotiating attitude can mean the difference between suffering your schedule, and living with it.
Negotiating can help tremendously with finding assistance around the house or at work. If something needs doing and you haven’t the time, there are plenty of services that offer cheap help in your local area. TaskRabbit is a great way to handle mundane tasks for a minimal fee, and free up more time for the kids.
Being a working mother is far from easy. However, what some call a thankless job is anything but. A family needs a strong foundation to thrive, and compared to a working mother, nothing is stronger. An unshakeable warrior for her family, the working mom handles both positions with a poise and determination unmatched in today’s world.