Organizational Tips for Working Mothers


Keeping everything organized as a busy working mom can sometimes feel extremely overwhelming and impossible. You might not have time to clean the house, cook dinner, take care of the kids and get your work done on time. Here are six great tips to help working moms stay organized!

Find out what stresses you out the most and make a plan to accomplish it- the stressor is different for every mom

It’s important that you analyze everything that you have to do and pinpoint the activity/activities that stress you out the most. This stressful activity is different for every mom. As a result, it’s impossible to give tips on how to relieve this stress. However, once you recognize what the most stressful activity/activities are then you can begin making steps to accomplish these activities with as little stress as possible. Maybe you could ask your partner or friends to help you accomplish this task, or save it for the day when you have the least amount to do. Whatever your plan of action is, stick to it!


For some moms having to cook dinner after a long day of work and taking care of the kids can be daunting. A great trick is trying simple, time-tested tricks like meal planning. On Sunday plan your meals for the week and ensure that you have all of the ingredients. There are many sites online that give you delicious and healthy meals that take 30 minutes or less. You can also invest in a crock pot, which is an amazing tool. Put all of the ingredients in the crock pot either before you leave for work or once you get home, depending on how long the specific recipe will take to cook, and you get a delicious meal without much work. Another solution is cooking multiple meals over the weekend and freezing them. Then you have great meals in just a few minutes on the weeknights!

By doing any of these thing you will be able to enjoy delicious meals without much thought or the hassle. Moreover, you will ensure that you and your family are having a well-rounded meal that doesn’t include consuming copious amount of packaged and unhealthy fast-food. Additionally, you will save money by not getting take-out every night.

Getting kids ready in the morning

It’s never easy to jump out of bed at the crack of dawn and get yourself and your kids ready for the day and get to work on time. First things first is making sure that everything is in order before you go to bed the night before. Homework should be done and in the backpack, which should be put in the same place every night. Lunches should be made the night before and in the refrigerator ready to go. Additionally, all of your things, keys, files, computer, etc., should also have a specific place where they go overnight. Lay out everyone’s clothes at night so you don’t have to try and plan an outfit in the morning or try and find clean clothes. A great idea is if you have time on Sunday to lay out your kids outfits for the week and put them on hangers with a color-coded label for each day of the week. Finally, if possible, you should try your best to wake up before your children. This will give you some peaceful time to have a cup of coffee, do your makeup, and eat breakfast before the kids wake up. That way once they are awake you can focus all your attention on trying to get them ready.

Household chores

Unfortunately, now that you have kids you should probably give up your dream of having an immaculate and spotlessly clean house. Especially when you have a full time job, finding time to clean the house might seem impossible. It will probably be difficult to clean your whole house in a single cleaning session. Instead, you should take it one room or task at a time.

Your first step should be cleaning up clutter. If there is a pile of toys, clothing, or papers you should put them away in their appropriate place. This will make your house seem cleaner and will reduce the amount of dust that builds up.

Enlist the help of your family. Make your children clean up after themselves and help out in other areas if need be. Small children especially love helping out- get them into the habit early on. Kids can do simple things such as watering the plants, feeding the pet, picking up their toys and cleaning their room. Your husband can also help out by either doing chores or making dinner.

Use a calendar

Write down everything you have to do, even if it something small like sending out an RSVP or buying a gift, so you don’t forget. Being organized will help you immensely. You will never double book a time or forget anything again. A great tip is to write in a different colored pen for each person. It also helps to have a big calendar somewhere central like the kitchen so that everyone can see the day’s schedule. This way you can see exactly who has to be where when. In this day and age of technology it is also very helpful to have your calendar on your phone. You can program your smartphone to send you reminders of events so you never forget to go somewhere again.


Carpooling with other families to places like sports practice or music lessons will cut the time that you have to chauffeur your kids around. It could give you the extra time you need to clean the house, cook dinner or finish something at work. You can also work with a friend to switch off playdates and errands. One mom can watch the kids one day while the other runs errands and switch the next day. There are lots of different ways you can work with other moms to help both of you get some much needed alone time.