Working Mom Complex

Working Mother on the go

Working Mother on the go

So many women suffer from a huge complex, that is stemmed from being a working mother. And despite the decades that women have been breaking through the glass ceiling in the corporate world and rising through the ranks, many women still feel like this working mother complex is making their family life very fragile.

In a recent study on this matter, 40 percent of respondents to the General Social Survey, conducted by Pew in 2009, believe that a mothers working habits were detrimental to the upbringing of the child or children in that home. That margin has risen a whopping 8 points from a similar survey that was conducted in 1994. And according to an even more recent Pew survey, it was found that a majority of Americans believe that it is harder to raise kids when the mother works from outside of the home, even though the working woman or mother makes up to 40 percent of the family’s earnings. These stats clearly show why working mothers complex comes into fruition. Because of a woman’s right and need to work (ie. financial stability for the family), makes them feel terribly guilty that they are “abandoning” their children by going to work outside of the home. Which in turn, sends a message to working mother that you can not be a good mother if you are not working from home.

It is completely different to raise your children when you work is inside the home, versus economy today, which often forces both parents to work outside of their actual home. There is also far less family and community support for working mothers than there has been in generations past. It seems that today women romanticize an elaborate fantasy history that never truly existed, a fictional world where mothers spent their whole days in charge with the sole task of nurturing young children’s minds and preparing wholesome meals. That is the stuff of women’s magazines over the last half century and not actual reality of the world that we live in today.

If you buy into the fantasy that once there was a utopia where women cared for babies all day without any other sort of job other than “housewife” duties, then it becomes very difficult to live each day in the real world, where you’re supposed drop your kids off at daycare or pick them from after-school care after a long day. If you spend your whole work day feeling guilty for working, even if you know in your mind and heart and bank account that you have to work in order for you and your kids to live comfortably, it can be difficult to ignore society’s stereotypes that target mothers who work, thinking that a mother who works is a lesser parent.