About Erica Yitzhak

Erica YitzhakErica Yitzhak is a busy working mother living in Great Neck, Long Island. Balancing life (three girls within five years of age) and work (she’s the sole practitioner of The Law Offices of Erica T. Yitzhak) is a challenge that requires focus, discipline, and heart each and every day. Sure, there’s pressure, but there’s also the beautiful moments that make life so worth living. What’s more difficult, running a solo law firm in New York or raising three children? Yes.

Those familiar with Working Mom Complex, an inclination for mothers to feel pangs of guilt due to obligations apart from their little ones, will best understand the decision to uproot Erica’s former practice and relocate to Great Neck. Closer to her daughter’s schools, Erica’s found a new balance that suits her life much better. The Working Mom Complex can take a serious toll, and can distract people from faithfully performing in any aspect of their life. Finding a way to cope, and maybe even eradicate, these feelings is a worthy cause.

To be clear, experiencing Working Mom Complex does not mean someone is a bad mother. The condition has been recognized by institutions like the University of Toronto, where formal studies have been conducted. In today’s world, the line between work and life is blurred, and working mothers deal with a melange of emotions that aren’t quite yet understood. Hopefully future studies will further reveal the effects this can have on one’s psychological wellbeing.

In the meantime, some mothers may benefit from finding times to distance themselves from work when at home – this includes answering calls and texts & responding to emails. It turns out that, even in lieu of this evening & weekend interaction, the world yet turns. In fact, taking a break from work can allow the brain, body, and spirit to recoup and come back with renewed energy and creativity. That’s right, being healthy is good for you!